We create, save, send, receive and keep way too much paper. Tonight, I went through two boxes of Mum’s papers. I’ve nearly filled a “Banker’s Box” with a neat stack of paper (neatly stacked on its side, it holds much more paper!).

A local TV station (NBC4) along with a regional bank (PNC) and document shredding company (Shred-It) hold what they call a Community Shred every couple of months. There is one scheduled for Saturday, June 11 so I am going through boxes of papers first so I can take as much as possible to the big shred trucks in 10 days. The amount of time, energy and the bags of shred that would be created it seems like a much better idea to take as much paper as possible. I can take up to five boxes. I think I’ll probably end up with three or four, but we shall see.

So, tonight, I emptied one box and a half of another (it holds the old taxes returns – gotta keep them a few more years). In the next week I need to find the rest of the papers in the boxes. I know of a couple more full box of papers… Now I just need to find them. There’s a couple of boxes in the way… ya, just a couple.

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