A Year of Firsts

When someone close to you dies, you begin living “a year of firsts.” Your first birthday since they passed (mine was in May and my cousin was in town with me). The person who passed’s birthday (that’ll wait nearly a year as Mum died three days after her 80th birthday. Easter (done), Christmas, etc.

Today, I took my first trip on a plane since she died. The flight began without that last phone call. We landed and I didn’t make that immediate phone call (I swear she held her breath the entire time I was in the air). I did text my cousin, force of habit – someone needed to know.

I’ve had some quiet time this afternoon and the fleeting thought has entered my mind to call and check on her. I probably called more when I was traveling. I called her lots even when I wasn’t traveling.

Life goes on as those who mourn live through their year of firsts. Life is going on and I am happy to be in FL to celebrate the marriage of A&K tomorrow.


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