Lots of stuff running around in my head. Lots of stuff crowding my house but no energy or desire to move it along, which in and of itself is depressing… Been to two Spin classes this week and  ate more veg yesterday than in days, may weeks, past – and my “system” certainly noticed (ok, TMI?) – but anyhow, it is all part of  – let’s get moving – literally and figuratively. Hopefully if the body feels better, then the mind will be motivated and  so on and so on, etc, etc, etc…

So much stuff just spinning in my head – it is hard to keep track. I think of something when I’m leaving the car and know I need to write it down and by the time I’m in the house – it’s gone. That is very frustrating. I have many things I want to do and no clear path to getting them done.

Work is increasingly interesting – and that’s a good thing. This is just a bunch of rambling, much like the rambling in my brain. Now I’ll get back to the rambling that pays the mortgage.

As I saw a guy out in front of the Y today getting on his very cool looking orange Harley, I thought, “I wonder what MY mid-life crisis will look like?”


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