Break from the Heat

We’re in a slight break from the heat – slight… It’s about 93 today versus 103 from late last week and the weekend.

Friends are wandering about DC again today. Yesterday was a surprise for S, a mutual friend came to lunch as a surprise. I’d not told S that she and her hubby were coming through town on their way from Maine to Texas (latest Air Force posting). I had to go to a funeral so I left S and I at the house and H & B showed up – YAY! Surprise!! We had a great lunch then S & I went to E’s pool for a swim for the afternoon. A relaxing day all around.

Tomorrow, I think we’ll head for Luray Caverns! Very cool to see and also should be cooler underground. It’ll be a nice drive through the Virginia countryside. I believe there will be apple cider donuts on the ride out and a stop at the frozen dairy bar on the way home! You know me, always looking for the culinary experiences along the route.

Finally, on an unrelated note, may I just say to the members of Legislature and the Executive branch that it is time for everyone to take a “big-boy pill” or “big-girl pill” and get to work for the best interest of others and not your egos. You are an embarrassment. Sorry for the political message. I don’t often go there but this is ridiculous!



I have a friend and her daughter visiting from England. They have headed into DC for the day (a hot day) to see the sights and a museum). It is wonderful to see her (and her growing up daughter). We’ve not seen each other in seven years; in which time, her marriage ended, both of her parents died within 14 months of each other, her sister fought (and thus far has beaten) breast cancer and my mother died. There have been so many changes it is hard to keep track. I am pleased and honoured that she and her daughter chose to come here for their holiday this year. I needed it for sure – and I think she is very happy too.

Summer living

The summer is rushing by and I feel that I’ve not been very productive but then again, the number of boxes is drastically reduce (though there are still boxes!)…

I just returned from a great trip to the left coast for work. The trip was great because I got to meet folks with whom I now work since getting this new job on February. More pieces are falling together and I’m getting ideas of things we can do (and questioning some of what we do – as in, “why do we do this?”). I sat with some gurus (Subject Matter Experts – SMEs) and had them drawing pictures on white boards (that I then photographed with the iPad and emailed to my work address).

Got to visit with friends from work and share some meals and beverages and catch-up. Some of these folks I’ve known for over 20 years and it’s nice that the friendships have stood up the test of time.

Now I am home and have tomorrow to finish getting ready for S & I’s arrival on Sunday! They are coming from England – into the inferno of the heat wave. I’ve not seen them for about 7 years. Since the last time I’ve seen them, S lost both of her parents, within about 2 years (or less I think). S and I met nearly 30 years ago as summer camp counselors in Maine. I is her 12 year daughter who I first met when se was four months old. Then I aw her when she about five.

I is SO excited for this trip! When S was deciding what they should do for holiday she was thinking the south of France, like they usually do but S looked at fares/cost to come to DC and they were going to be about the same. She asked if I’d be here, I said Yes. She asked I if she like to come and visit me. I responded “IN AMERICA?!?!?” S said, “Well, yes, that’s where she lives.” That sealed the deal. Apparently, America is cool. I am cool because I am American (and I have more technology than her mother and know how to use it!). So, they arrive late Sunday morning! I am excited beyond words. The house is basically ready, so let’s get this party started!

Maybe as summer rolls on I’ll make time to write more. Tons of stuff running around in my head but haven’t taken the time to get it out.

So, August is the month I hope to make decisions and finish going through Mum’s stuff and get the rest of my house back. Like I said, August is here in a week and then the end of summer is in sight. I hope everyone stays cool and enjoys the last month of summer…