Break from the Heat

We’re in a slight break from the heat – slight… It’s about 93 today versus 103 from late last week and the weekend.

Friends are wandering about DC again today. Yesterday was a surprise for S, a mutual friend came to lunch as a surprise. I’d not told S that she and her hubby were coming through town on their way from Maine to Texas (latest Air Force posting). I had to go to a funeral so I left S and I at the house and H & B showed up – YAY! Surprise!! We had a great lunch then S & I went to E’s pool for a swim for the afternoon. A relaxing day all around.

Tomorrow, I think we’ll head for Luray Caverns! Very cool to see and also should be cooler underground. It’ll be a nice drive through the Virginia countryside. I believe there will be apple cider donuts on the ride out and a stop at the frozen dairy bar on the way home! You know me, always looking for the culinary experiences along the route.

Finally, on an unrelated note, may I just say to the members of Legislature and the Executive branch that it is time for everyone to take a “big-boy pill” or “big-girl pill” and get to work for the best interest of others and not your egos. You are an embarrassment. Sorry for the political message. I don’t often go there but this is ridiculous!

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