Over the past couple of weeks there’s been an intruder in the backyard. An orange cat with white markings on his face. He’s visited a few times and each time has upset Basil greatly. Basil sits at the back door and tries to go through the glass to rid our property of this intruder.

One day I came home and the house alarm has tripped on the back door. They must have been banging around a lot to trip the alarm. The last straw was when that thing came over around 4AM and Basil felt it necessary to defend his property. Loudly.

I certainly don’t blame Basil, as a matter of fact I commended him but something has got to stop this thing… Meet “Scarecrow” (bottom right of the picture):

Motion detector sprinkler!!! I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!!! I have it set with a small arc that allows the birds to feed at the feeder – and as long as they don’t stray too close to the house – they won’t get wet. It is sensitive though and I saw the birds get sprayed at the foot of the steps. They flew away but came back to the feeder, so all is good. This’ll keep them away from the steps, which isn’t a bad thing.

Now I just have to remember to turn it off before I go down the stairs – so now there’s  a note on the back door…

I hope this keeps the intruder away so Basil doesn’t have to defend is house anymore.





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