5.8 … 5.9

You say po-tA-toe, I say po-ta-toe… My house shook back and forth. My house should not shake back and forth (or in any direction for that matter!). The cats scattered and stayed under the bed for a couple of hours (I was going to join them if it happened again).

Many California types scoffed at the reaction in this region, but we don’t have earthquakes like this here! That’s why we live here! Also, this was much different from the 5.8-ish I experienced about 10 years ago in the San Francisco area. I was there for business and the hotel was on land fill so there was a gentle swaying. What I experienced yesterday was not gentle and certainly was not swaying – it was a rather violent shaking back and forth (probably enhanced by the fact that I’m in one of eight connected townhouses – so back and forth is the only option).

So, a couple of photos from the news last night:

I didn’t feel any (I don’t think) but there’s always today and tomorrow and the future… ick.

Wide area felt “the earth move under my feet” – interesting how it was felt so far north but not equally far south.

May have felt the one at 8:04, I was eating with friends and at one point the table moved but not sure if this was the time it happened.

and, oh yeah, by the way, there’s a hurricane headed our way over the weekend! Geez are ya kidding me?!?

Let’s all be safe out there!


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