Irene Prep

Short trip to the store this morning. Four gallons of water. A loaf of bread. Frozen yogurt – Cherry Garcia (only because I needed more).

Yesterday I purchased some AA batteries because every flashlight in the house takes AA batteries.

Radio is charging, cell phone will be charged over night, iPad and MacBook too. If I have electricity, I’ll have enough toys to play with. If there’s no power – I can still play with toys until the batteries are done.

Hurricane food – water, bread and peanut butter. I also have some granola bars and chips and other stuff…

I’ve battened down the hatches outside. All flying objects are in the shed or house. Chairs are stacked, maybe I’ll lay them down tomorrow if the wind forecast changes.

I have candles and matches.

I’m all set here. Bring it! and now they are saying it’ll be sunny on Sunday afternoon. That works too!

All y’alls be safe. Maybe I’ll post some pictures if there’s anything of note.


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