Brain overflow

I spent the last three days in Baltimore learning how to use a photography processing software called Lightroom. Three days, eight hours per day (9a-6p). It did not help my ADD but I learned so much that towards the ends of the days my brain was overfull.

This software is primarily photo organizing/filing but it also provides the functionality for some image post-processing. Over the three days, I learned how to organize using this tool and was able to sort and file over 10,000 images. I have over 15,000 yet to organize. Ya, I have way too many images. As I was moving things around, I was looking at what I’ve got and while I deleted a bunch, there were a bunch that I could not delete. I figure maybe I will be able to one day but for mow it’s just “ones and zeros” and I know there is no shortage of those right now.

It’s amazing the changes you can make to a photo in post processing. I’m not sure how I feel about the changes that are possible. You can change the color of someone’s eyes, hair, skin, remove skin blemishes, and the list goes on. At a certain level, this feels very wrong. While I can understand subtle changes to enhance the color of the Fall leaves or removing dust spots on the lens but should we be making changes to the appearance of people? Removing people? Switching someone’s head from one photo to another because they are not smiling or they sneezed? I’m just not sure.

I guess I’m a bit of a purist – get the shot in the camera and be happy. We’ll see what happens as I become more comfortable with the post-processing…


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