Last week I was looking for a piece of paper. One piece of paper. I took a few hours on Saturday, but I found it and completed a bunch of forms and other stupid paperwork that I’d been needing to get done. I mailed six envelopes on Saturday and I have three more from the past two days.

Today, I’ve filled out and faxed two sets of paperwork to my health care reimbursement account. I copied receipts and filled out forms for monies spent since the beginning of the year. Maybe it wouldn’t be as bad if I did it a couple of times a year. It wasn’t really that bad but there’s just so much paper to keep, copy, fold, spindle or mutilate. I thought I killed the scanner/copier because it swallowed a tiny piece of paper into  innards… I flipped open a couple of doors that I didn’t know opened and retrieved the tiny piece of paper.

Paper. It is everywhere! We print it. We get it in the mail everyday (I have the recycle bag where I can go through and immediately put it in so it doesn’t sit around). We just keep creating more paper! When we die you’d think it would stop. I still get mail, forms, insurance stuff, junk mail for my Mum – she’s been gone almost five months. I received an Explanation of Benefits and the date of service was April 9th, the day after she died. It wasn’t until I had the insurance company on the phone that I realized that the year was 2010. Did you now that charges from 18 months ago are still in the works between MediCare and the insurance company?!? 18 months! I was surprised and asked the insurance company if I was expected to be able to verify that the service actually happened and that the doctors haven’t double billed or something. The insurance lady said I am not expected to keep track of such things. Good thing because I have not clue.


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