#reverb11-Dec 2

Dec 2 – Where did you begin 2011?

I began 2011 with friends at my house, watching football on and off and eating chinese food – fulfilling a New Year’s Eve New England tradition. I’m not sure if it is still the case (I think it is) but when I was growing up and up until I moved to Virginia 22 years ago – chinese food take out for New Year’s Eve is a huge tradition. If you want chinese take out, you have to call be about 3:00PM and then expect to wait 1-3 hours when you arrive to pick up the food.

A few years ago I decided to revive the tradition so I called at 3:00PM for chinese take-out and the person said – “Ok, it’ll be ready in 30 minutes.” I explained that I didn’t want the food until 7:00PM and they asked that I call back at 6:30. I did, I went to pick up the food and there was no one in the store… This was all very confusing to me but I’m used to it not (I guess). This year I expect I will have chinese take out that I will order 30 minutes before I expect to pick it up.

As far as the prompt for today – what has echoed in my life this year? I’m actually still chewing on that one. Maybe it is not fair to present a prompt without my thoughts but it is what it is. This is a work in progress for me too.


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