16, 17, 18 & 19

Playing a little catch up – from the bottom up:

16 – cute kitty (basket on the bed because the cleaning lady was here, so Gracie decided to take up residence)

17 – a five year old carry her birthday loot (yes, it’s blurry. every try to get a candid of a five year old?)

18 – sushi treat from the chef (we eat there a lot)

19 – how I start most mornings – cafe con leche! not as fantastic as that from Spain, but still good!


New floor lamp (take my word for it) next to bed and comfy chair in bedroom with nice bright bulb to assist (my apparently aging eyes in) reading. Been looking, didn’t see anything I liked at Target or Ikea. Today, found myself at Pottery Barn (yay Wm Sonoma Co!). Found and bought lamp in mere minutes. Yes, I will remove the plastic on the shade. Very excited to read in comfy chair or bed courtesy of good lighting source!


The recipe suggestion was for black beans over rice but I wanted eggs. Two whole eggs with two extra whites, Parmesan and American cheeses and a pinch of rosemary salt. The beans have shallots, garlic, cumin and a pinch of rosemary salt. Din was yum. Thanks for the hint E, might have to buy that app for myself.

*minor edit for alt-lock on phone!