27 April, 2012 14:05

Cupcake Map of the World! As seen @ HB Woodlan school in Arlinton VA. More photos another day, but if you Google, you’ll find it and the time lapse video.


A New Perspective

and a new look. The photos seem slightly foggy but if you mouse over then the photo is becomes sharp and clear.

I thought maybe a new look would bring a fresh perspective and bring me back to the keyboard.

Much has been going on and its mostly work related and then church search related and then family coming to visit related and then life in general related. It all seems to be related…

Lots of things running around in my brain but I haven’t felt like writing about any of them, probably because I’m still thinking about what is what.

This weekend I’m headed to the mountains (okay, for those in the west, they are hills) for a photography workshop. The location is one of my favorite places so that will be wonderful and the food is down home southern cooking – that will be yummy. I just hope I can stay awake through the lessons/talks/instruction.

I noted this on fb and wish to state it here also – when putting something away for safe-keeping, write the location down so that future archeologists are not the first to discover your hiding spot. There’s a 1TB external hard drive (it’s a little bigger than my cell phone) someplace in my office, I only wish I knew where it was located. I’ll find it someday, I hope. Thankfully it’s just a backup, so I’m not missing any data.

This is all for today Рhopefully more photos will be posted and maybe even more words.