Dream Lab

I am, once again, taking the online “class/workshop” called Dream Lab – from the marvelously creative women who developed Mondo Beyondo. I signed up for Dream Lab in the Fall of 2010 but life did not cooperate so now that things have settled down a little bit (HA!) and I am beginning a new chapter, decade, phase, whatever in my life – I’m going to take a little time and look within. I’m also considering exploring TM but I don’t want to get too crazy all at once! Life is moving so fast, I need to slow something down – and I think I’ll start with my brain and MY pace!

If you’d like to learn more about Dream Lab, click the widget on the right side – it’ll take you to a website that will fill you in.

Edited: There’s a discount for the next run of classes. $49 Sale ends this Sunday!

Discount code is: “mamasrock49”

  • (Just added!) Superhero Photo: The Basics (starts July 9)
  • Superhero Photo: Elevate the Ordinary (starts June 4) 
  • Dream Lab: Exploring themes of Rest, Play and Kindness (starts June 18) 
  • Mondo Beyondo: Fall 2012 (starts September 10) 

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