Still Left

Still here. One more swing shift to go. Very tired but holding up okay. I get the award for the most/longest shifts. Four swing shifts in four days.

I’ve met a friend for breakfast/brunch, been shopping a couple of times and tomorrow I think I may go west MD see if the Pacific Ocean is where I left it six months ago. I think it is probably there, but I might want to make sure. I’d have gone over over the weekend but there was a pumpkin festival in Half Moon Bay and traffic was crazy, so maybe tomorrow morning. We’ll see.

I hope for a good long night’s sleep and that begins in about 10 minutes. One more day and then head for home.


The Left Coast

I’m on the left coast for work. When I checked in to my hotel, the lady said “you are tying for six nights?” she followed up quickly with “leaving in Tuesday?” and I said yes. The thought that I am here for six nights kinda hit me. That’s a long time.

I’ve worked one day in the office and now I begin my stretch of four nights of swing shift work. The minor challenge is what to do with my mornings. I’m getting ready to head out for a drive and some breakfast (it’s just after 10).

I’ve had a great time so far seeing folks I only get to see once or twice a year. Time to jump into the day.

Go Nats!!! I’ll be “watching” online at work tonight!