On the Way to Churchill (via Denver and Winnipeg)

These are the brief notes – stream of consciousness – no grammar (or very little)… It is what it is…

March 5 (March 4)

Monday afternoon email from United indicating flight from ORD to YWG was cancelled. Got United Mileage Plus help to reroute IAD-DEN-YWG. Yay. No, 4AM wake up. Got to Denver, no prob. Waited a little for flt to YWG. Arrived, found ATM – chose wrong and did something with conversion – whatever, got $$. Called van to hotel. Got to hotel room, no lamps in the bedroom. Short stay so not a real big deal. Also no TV remote in bedroom. Slept a couple of hours.

March 6

Thank goodness got wakeup call (cell phone alarm never went off!)! 4:30AM jumped up, dressed and out. Told front desk re room oddities. Got to airport – was first one there! Jim Halfpenny walked up. Got me checked in and I went through Security. got a cup of Tim Horton’s coffee while waiting for others to arrive at gate. Met MaryAnn from WY, Carol and Mike from Tuscon, Farshid from LA and David (our photog guru) from Montana.

Calm Air flt, saw suitcase go on board. Walked out and picked seat in second row. Window Seat. Seat next to me was empty – yay. Awesome flt. Slept a little, took photos and stared out window the rest. Approach to Churchill went out over the Bay, so open water out there – amazingly cool! Landed. Much colder but still okay in my 66 North jacket!

Folks from Center came to get our bags, mini bus picked us up. We drove into town, drove around a bit. Drove out to Center, stopped along the way for some photos. Saw the Ithaca ruins. Got to Center for brief introduction then lunch. “American Chop Suey” – made by Linda and Brian – two folks from Sturbridge! Mac & Cheese and yummy choco chip cookies.

Met as a group and talked some logistics. Then geared up and went out for a drive. Saw Miss Piggy, the plane. Saw the camp area and the house of a Center employee. Polar bear protection all around.

Back to Center for dinner. Chicken, peas and carrots and potato fries. Amazing brownies for dessert.

7PM, met in class room. Jim talked about the history of the area. David talked about photographing the aurora. We looked at the sky. Pitch black. No aurora viewing tonight. “Early night” turned lights off about 11PM. Slept some, not much. Grabbed the extra pillow from the other bed. Will sleep better tonight.



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