First Full Day in the Subarctic

March 7

Up about 7:15. Took a shower – the shower is a push button one like in some bathrooms. Interesting to have to keep pressing the button to get water but it works.  Sinus headache. need advil. Got up about 7:15. showered. Breakfast at 8. Stodgy porridge, pancakes, eggs, – I had porridge, one pancake, yogurt and granola and COFFEE! 10AM classroom time. then lunch then out to see what we can see until dinner.

Photo stats for March 6 – 546 photos. quick sort. 239 picks.

Jim talked re the aurora and why it is. Dave talked about Travel Photography – how to do it, some tips.

Lunch was turkey noodle soup and lentil soup (I put a little lentil in the turkey, gave it some body and yummy flavor). egg salad and ham sammies, butter tart (a side of insulin needed!), wonderful salads.

We had a talk from the aurora expert, Roger, very cool. Talked about how Churchill is THE best place on the planet to see the aurora.

Got dressed and into the van and headed into town. Drove around, over on the other side of the tracks along the river. Got to see the Tundra Buggies up close then were invited inside one. Very cool. Walked around a bit but many roads were not plowed so we had to turn around.

Parked behind the town center and walked out onto the Hudson Bay. It was very cool (okay, cold). Walked about 30-40 feet and then Jim walked away and the Bay started creaking and popping! The tides shifting cause the ice to move! Yikes.

Headed back to the Center at 5:30. Stopped for sunset shots just shy of the missile. Wrong gloves – hands frozen! Took a bit for them to thaw. Won’t do that again.

Dinner. Pot roast, mashed potatoes, rice, gravy, brownies.

Evening talk about aurora photo settings. Get ready and get outside. Getting dressed and hanging around inside – nearly caused spontaneous combustion. four plus layers. yikes.

Went out to set up camera in dark and cold. Got a little aurora but not much. Got a cool star trail. Turned in around midnight.

Photo stats for March 7 – 223 photos. quick sort. 113 picks.

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