Trying Not to Wish My Life Away on Wednesday

1. Work rushes along. It is providing way to many opportunities to use witty sayings. In the past two days I’ve describe a difficult task as being “like trying to mail Jello-O to a tree” and described a busy colleague as being as busy “as a one-armed paper hanger” (folks had not heard that one?!?) and finally, today, I described an audit I’d provided of a constantly changing database as a “snapshot of the charging gazelle.” Sometimes, this is as creative/colourful as I can be in my job.
2. Potentially severe wether headed this way overnight and thru tomorrow. Yikes, here we go again. Nothing like what other parts of the country have faced but bad weather is bad wether – I hope the sun stays away and the temps stay low so the threat diminishes.
3. It’s official, I’m going to Churchill again, this time to see the polar bears! Three folks from church are coming too! How cool!
4. Starting a list of camera equipment I’ll rent for the trip! I really don’t need to own a 150-300 (effective 300-600) and if I get a 2x, 600-1200! I’ll rent for the trip for sure! I think I’ll buy the 17mm or 25mm. I need one of those!
5. Nice din with D tonight. Awesome Indian food, fun to spend time. Life’s been crazy busy so haven’t done din in a couple of months.

Extra – the Bruins are in the Stanley Cup Finals?!?!!!!!!! Cool.

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