Lookin’ at the Live Traffic Feed (where folks who visit this page are from)

1. I think fondly of a friend who died many years ago from cancer. She lived in Menlo Park CA. We were colleagues at work but became friends. I would send her books on tape when she could no longer concentrate on reading.
2. I went to her house for lunch within a couple/few months of her death. She made grilled cheese and tomato sammies. She put the slightest schmear of mayo on the sammie. Ever since that day, I have done the same. It adds a wonderful, little je ne sais quoi.
3. We ate out in her garden. It was a lovely summer day. She lived in a micro-climate that had lovely summer days.
4. Her Memorial Service was held when a great number of her colleagues were in town from all over the world for meetings. Even though we were “work friends,” the bond was real. It was strong. Thinking about her right now… I think she’s been gone maybe 10 or 12 years.
5. I miss you Caroline!

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