63 hours (so far)

1. I’m on the left coast, supporting the semi-annual software load. I’m three hours away from my final shift.
2. Last week (since Monday thru last night) I logged 63 hours of work and I have five days to go before a day off. Thankfully this is just twice a year. I will have some downtime on my flight home and hopefully I can sleep a little.
3. I ran to Starbucks to get some sinkage so I could leave a tip for housekeeping. I do this when on business travel and on personal travel. I left something each day (because leaving it at the end benefits one person and it may be their first day on for the week).
4. Yesterday was a very lazy day – stayed in bed until 1PM, got up and showered and then had In and Out for lunch – off to work and back at midnight.
5. Trying to pack up a little before work today. Need to fill the gas tank before work today so I can head straight to the airport at 6AM (ugh). Time to get some fresh air and sun before I head inside until midnight.

It’s good to be here to see colleagues but I’ll be very happy to get home tomorrow night.