– That could be the entire post because what more is there to say?
– We had some drizzle, on and off but a rainy day in Rome always beats a day at work!
– 15,182 steps according to Fitbit. Map My Walk says we walked about three miles.
– Three cappuccino for the day and one gelato.
– Ecce Bombo (now called S.P.Q.R.) for dinner. Complimentary Proseco and limoncello with dinner and the food was awesome. I had the bresaola and arugula and parm (plate of cured meat) and lasagna.
– While the heated towel bar is lovely, it is making this room so freakin’ hot. Must talk to the desk to have them turn it off tomorrow.
– Time to try to sleep a little more before breakfast in four hours.


Christmas Eve

1. Very early but Christmas Eve nonetheless. I’m happy the weather feels a little more seasonal.
2. Put up some decorations. Little tree, a Santa, a couple of nativity sets. Just enough.
3. Planning a major clean up after first of the year. Moving from “just in case” to “just enough.” A plan has been hatched and will be implemented in January.
4. Busy day today, must pack and work half a day, church tonight.
5. Helping a friend. So happy I can do that. Truly, not about me.

Luke 2:8-14

Great Day

1. Not the Eddie from Ohio song, but it could have been the theme for today.
2. Three new priests in the Diocese of Virginia. 25th anniversary of B. Johnston’s Ordination to the Priesthood. Great day.
3. It’s been a long time coming but AHT is a priest in the Episcopal church. How very cool. Words are not enough. It is right and good.
4. I’m feeling very disconnected. I think it’s just the season and missing Mum. Seems worse this year. Maybe because I’m planning on being away and I can only do that because she gone.
5. Army Navy Game today. Navy won. They’ve won 12 in a row now. 34-7 score.
6. I think maybe next year the J2A should do Wreaths Across America. Service project opportunity and probably a good thing for them to think about – the sacrifice made to keep our land strong and free.
7. Nelson Mandela’s burial is tomorrow. Amazing time we’ve seen because of his life. I want to see the movie, Long Road to Freedom.

Advent 3

1. A little more Christmas shopping to do. A lot of mailing to do.
2. Tomorrow a long-time friend is being ordained to the priesthood in the Episcopal church. How very cool. How very right.
3. I sounded lay decided that I need to eat better. Odd thought. I didn’t stew about it, I just decided. I hope I decide that I need to be exercising. I need to decide that very soon.
4. Not sleeping much/well lately. I think it is the time of year. Third Christmas without Mum. Doesn’t get easier just is different each year. That and a trip at Christmas are the only things I can think are keeping me up until after midnight each night.
5. Really need to fix the storage issue in the bedroom. Might move guest room stuff to here and get new stuff for guest room. Straight swap won’t’ work because nets the same. Need more usable space.
6. “It’s really not about me.” Most hints in life just really aren’t, even when they fell like they are. How’s one to know the difference though?
7. I really do love the arctic. I want to do more travel in the arctic. I just want to do more traveling. The list of place is want to go is getting longer. Need to cut back on stuff so I can afford more trips.

Tonight – seven things, as random as they are…