Bookended by Church

My day was bookended by church. I was the acolyte at the 7:00AM service. We had about 30 people at the service this morning. Ash Wednesday is a pretty solemn service. I think the time being just after dawn may have had something to do with the solemnity. 

This evening I was the Altar Guild Crew Leader during the children’s service at 6:00PM. We had about 50 people and at least half of them were children. It was a much livelier service. There was lots of chatter and banging.

The message delivered was the same, each adjusted to the audience. We get ashes to remind us that Christ died for us and our sins. We worship in community because Christ lived in community, taught in community and died for the community of the world. 

A holy Lent is hoped and prayer for during this time. I will do some reading and a lot more thinking. There’s always tons to think about and read. I hope to do some writing and some picture taking. I am going to wander less on the interwebz. I will also turn the TV off if there is nothing on that I am truly interested in watching. 

I want to reduce the noise in my environment. Reduce the overflow of information. Reduce, relax and renew.


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