Two Weeks

– Trip delayed for two weeks and I find myself in exactly the same spot I was in two weeks ago. I could have finished packing – I did not. Well, no harm no foul because I was in pretty good shape them so I’ll just pick up where I left off

– C and I have been walking. We walked four out of five days the week before last, averaging about 3.5 miles per day. Last week we walked five days averaging about 4 miles per day. I’m exhausted but feel great??

– Playing Bunco for the first time ever last night. It was fun.

– I bought another “toy” to take on my trip. Since I’ve signed up for the helicopter ride (oiy!), I want to be certain to capture as much as I can, and I’ve wanted a GoPro for a while. Bought at REI with REI credit card so at least I get about 15% back in REI dollars. Works for me.

– My goal today is to finish packing, but first, more coffee.


“It’s Jake from State Farm”

– Randomness abounds! That State Farm ad is one of my favs.

– I’m thankful that the cast of The Big Bang Theory is signed their contracts and season 8 is underway. It seems that we may only have three more seasons.

– Walks thus far this weeks have totaled almost 16┬ámiles. Walked four mornings. I’m tired but feel good (except for the tired part). When does the extra energy kick in? I’m been at this for about four weeks.

– Our walks have been on back streets around town and we’ve been exploring new neighborhoods. Been fun and we’ve seen some beautiful yards and homes.

– I guess I don’t have anything else to add…

Reversal of Adventure

– Adventure Canada has done amazing things and been able to not only find a new ice-breaker for us to use but they have been able to get the permits for us to go to Greenland!
– We will do our original itinerary but from finish to beginning
– One would not think that extra ice-breakers are just lying about and this one was not but it was enroute from Spitzberg to St. John’s and then north to Resolute.
– We were to hop on in Iqualit but it will now come to Kangerlussuaq to get us. We’ll got up the Greenland coast and across the David Strait to Baffin Island. Fro there, north and around to the west to Resolute.
– This delay has given me more time to refine my packing. It’ll be interesting, to say the least.
– Adventure, here I come!