Reversal of Adventure

– Adventure Canada has done amazing things and been able to not only find a new ice-breaker for us to use but they have been able to get the permits for us to go to Greenland!
– We will do our original itinerary but from finish to beginning
– One would not think that extra ice-breakers are just lying about and this one was not but it was enroute from Spitzberg to St. John’s and then north to Resolute.
– We were to hop on in Iqualit but it will now come to Kangerlussuaq to get us. We’ll got up the Greenland coast and across the David Strait to Baffin Island. Fro there, north and around to the west to Resolute.
– This delay has given me more time to refine my packing. It’ll be interesting, to say the least.
– Adventure, here I come!

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