– The last two months have been a roller-coaster ride. The trip was cancelled for real. The Tuesday before departure, the email came in around 1PM. Email from Jim that AC can called; our new ship had been commandeered by the Canadian government (co-sponsor of the “Finding Franklin” expedition) – the ship was directed to Halifax NS to pick up a submersible and other equipment. This detour would delay the ship four days and so our itinerary was not possible.

– This news was very disappointing. I spent three days kicking around and having a stay-cation. I took Friday off and went downtown with C to take pictures and go to a museum or two. It was a great day. Saw two movies over the weekend which was is not something I do regularly. I saw “Chef” and “100 Foot Journey.” Two great food movies! One was viewed at the greatest theatre ever! Recliner seating, each seat with two cup holders! Awesome.

– Akademik Sergey Vavilov, this is the ice breaker we were supposed to take was part of the expedition that found Sir John Franklin’s ship Erebus!! Less than four weeks later, the news was reported:  So, my cancelled vacation played a role in making history! Kinda cool and the images are amazing. The ship was 11 meters below the surface. 11 meters!

– The first week of September brought drastic changes in my work. I was moved into a new role. This was not a move I sought, not a move I wanted (I love the job I was doing), an dI do not feel qualified for this job. None of my concerns had any impact on my senior mgmt so I have a new job. The flip side is that I have a job to complain about so there’s always another point of view. I’ll do the best I can and hopefully I’ll be successful.

– Walking at least three times a week with C continues. Usually four to five miles or we’ll do three plus miles of hills. Today was hills. Just over three miles but Fitbit interpreted 16 flights of stairs so that works too. Walking has been great. Very helpful to manage stress. I’ve been on a few bike rides which have also been great.

– Crazy two months that seem to have flown by and crawled.

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