I loved camp when I was a kid. Loved it! There were crafts, talk in large groups, time to hang out and chat with one or two people, and getting to know people from “way far away” (50 miles felt like half way around the world when you didn’t drive yet). Camp as a kid was on the beach on the Cape. Hours were spent gazing at the ocean and watching the sunset. It was magical.

Two weekends ago, I went to camp. I didn’t really know what to expect. Fear stopped me from going last year and I decided this year I wanted to go more than I was afraid to go. It was all of the wonderful things about camp as a kid. It was an experience I never thought I would have again.

I drove down with another camper who I met in person about 7 minutes before we got into the car for a nine hour drive. Nothing scary about that! The drive was great. Susan was a wonderful traveling companion. The drive through Virginia, Tenn and NC was beautiful.

I am still chewing on the things I heard and the things I learned about myself. I didn’t think there was much for me to learn about myself but apparently, there is a lot more. The most rewarding part of the weekend was meeting a group of amazing women and men. The creativity in this room was overwhelming. It was in a quantity and quality to which I’ve never been exposed. I am still trying to decide if anything I heard, witnessed or did changes my approach to my photography. Will I combine photography and with poetry? Me? Poetry? I digress…

Anyhow, what do I do with all of this new/different information. Does it transform parts of me or does “real life” just take over again? Up to me, I know. Still working on that part too.

We got the most amazing camp bags, made by Tom Bihn and badges! Lots of badges. We got more badges for participating through the weekend. Badges! Fun!


We got “cootie catchers.”

liav camp paper catcher

The moonlight over the lake was lovely.



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