Utterly Overwhelmed By Work

The day started pretty well and then I became mired in stuff that is still so new to me. New job is only two months old. Today is the first day that I thought maybe I can’t do it. Maybe my fears and apprehensions were well placed. Fear isn’t real. I know, but today, it seems very real and crushing.

Tomorrow, I have four times the work to get thru that I tried to do today. Four times. It will be an extraordinarily long day but I will get through it, one way or another. I know this is true, but right now, I’m so overwhelmed.

Then the news from Ferguson. Overwhelming. Is there a win in this situation? No one wins here, not any side. Maybe the saddest part is that there are sides and in the “American way” there’s gotta be a winner. I just don’t think there is a winner in this story.

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