Paris – Day 1

– 24,000+ steps
– 3 coffees, 1 croissant, fancy macaroons
– Henri IV soufflĂ© (chicken and mushroom), onion soup and apple and Calvados soufflĂ© for dessert
– visit to Sennelier, a very old, famous art supply store across the river from the Louvre
– Christmas window displays at Printemps (Burberry pop up store) and Galleries Lafayette (Christmas monsters)

Day 2 begins…



Christmas Eve Eve

Quite a bit to do today. Change the frontal at church, get the candles up. Lunch with a favorite person who I’ve not seen in a while. Not sure what else, but I’m sure the day will be packed from one end to the other. Tomorrow is also a long, busy day. Busy time of year. Maybe there’ll be time to rest next year.