Time Gone By

Sometimes my writing is somewhat more frequent and other times (most times) it is not. Paris was wonderful! I mean, it’s Paris. Brussels was wonderful! Frites and chocolate and beer! Come on!

Upon my return, I dove into Beginning Hebrew. “Jan Term” class, 10 weeknights – M-W-F and then W-F and M-W. Oiy. It has been so much fun! So challenging. And somewhat stressful, even though I’m auditing. Old stresses and pressures from schooldays still follow me. I am very happy that I took the class but will be very happy to have it end.

I’ve put things off during this month of “Jan Term” class. I trick myself into believing that I don’t have time to things because I have to study. I have been studying but there’s been many times when I’ve just put things off.

This class became somewhat of a “round tuit.” I could only do certain things and the rest would have to wait until I got a “round tuit.” With class ending, I’ll have no excuse and will get a “round tuit” on the icky household chores that have taunted me this month.

What are you delaying until you get a “round tuit?”