The Week in Review

– Moscow is far from home. Vienna airport is nice (been there twice)

– Georgian food is quite good. Grilled meat with sauce and tomato and cuke salad.

– Half mile walk to work is a nice bit of exercise

– Room service is nice but overrated. Sitting in room eating is kinda weird.

– Starbucks around the corner is really good! Very helpful this morning. Thankfully they had one orange juice left!

– Tomorrow begins the second week of work, then weekend and then one day – and then home!!

– Having a cold while away from home is no fun. I feel better tonight than did this morning so I’ve decided I’m on the mend.

– Saw some wonderful places to explore next weekend. Didn’t make it to church so will do that next week. Slept over 8 hours last night. Needed it!

– Watched cooking shows and movies and lots of TV today. Watching some show about folks driving to Prudhoe Bay in Winter. Not sure, maybe ice road truckers? 

– Time for bed. Hopefully, good night sleep and hopefully much better in the morning.


Points – 12 April 

Ride to airport with besties is the best

Boarding plane from the lounge it not too shabby

Lay flat beds are best handled (by sleeping on my side)

It’s good to walk around airport after trans-Atlantic flight

18 seats in 1st class between Vienna and Moscow, only five passengers

Don’t panic when you don’t see you cab driver, just make another loop – FOUR times!

Don’t look out the front window of the taxi; be blissfully ignorant and watch out the side window

Tip to the taxi driver is greeted with shock and surprise and finally thanks, even in US$

Tip to porter in US$ appreciated

Walk to Red Square at dusk, followed by dinner at Georgian restaurant, followed by fall into bed – pretty good night’s sleep

National Poetry Month – Ruminations

Poem? Not sure. Ruminations. Sure.

Gone Four Years

gone four years

still stings

– I miss the phone calls

– the random adventures

– the trips to visit her friends

– the days spent shopping

– the running around together

I smile at thoughts of

taco Tuesday

frozen custard runs

talking about nothing forever

– I’ve forgotten things that were once important

– her passwords, her medications

– and their contraindications

– appointment schedules

– events and people

some days the soup aisle is still hard

no need to buy that bread

cook fish anytime

serve black beans as a side dish

freedom to get up and go

an untethered life

– gone four years

– still stings

– not as bad most days

– but on some 

– it feels like a moment ago