The Week in Review

– Moscow is far from home. Vienna airport is nice (been there twice)

– Georgian food is quite good. Grilled meat with sauce and tomato and cuke salad.

– Half mile walk to work is a nice bit of exercise

– Room service is nice but overrated. Sitting in room eating is kinda weird.

– Starbucks around the corner is really good! Very helpful this morning. Thankfully they had one orange juice left!

– Tomorrow begins the second week of work, then weekend and then one day – and then home!!

– Having a cold while away from home is no fun. I feel better tonight than did this morning so I’ve decided I’m on the mend.

– Saw some wonderful places to explore next weekend. Didn’t make it to church so will do that next week. Slept over 8 hours last night. Needed it!

– Watched cooking shows and movies and lots of TV today. Watching some show about folks driving to Prudhoe Bay in Winter. Not sure, maybe ice road truckers? 

– Time for bed. Hopefully, good night sleep and hopefully much better in the morning.

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