Some days, this happens…


– Some days, the dishes don’t get done. They will get done, but probably not today.

– Severe weather in the area. Radar images on TV are very cool to follow.

– I repotted two plants today, played one basil plant in the ground and repotted one to stay indoors (not sure how that’s going to work, we’ll see)

– Earlier in the week, I had a revelation about the stuff in my house. There’s four people’s stuff in my house: 1) the person I am today, 2) the person my parents/mum/family want/wanted me to be, 3) the person I used to be and 4) the person I want to be. I’m thinking two people’s stuff needs to move out. This was huge for me. I think we all need the catalyst to make a change – I think this was mine.

– Friend, E, is in Bejing for two weeks. Short notice trip and she’s gonna do a great job – talking to Chinese people who will be coming to America to teach Chinese for a year. E is provide two lectures on what the American (western) classroom is like and what they can expect.

– The last two weeks of work were brutal. The next two weeks will be busy but I can clean up from the past two weeks. There were tears. Many tears. Frustration that fears I had last Fall would come to fruition. So far, they have not, but a real shake of confidence.


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