FOR TODAY… from Ali’s Daybook (written around 9:30PM on 22 June)

Outside my window… it’s dark. It’s 9:30+. It was hot today. Humid. It’s June.

I am thinking… I wish I enjoyed watching the most popular sport in the world. I really don’t.

I am thankful for… so many things. Today, I’m thankful for my work colleague, Ivan, who is retiring at the end of the week. 28 years in the same company. He’s a year younger than me and decided that 28 years is long enough.

I am wearing… capri cargo pants, my awesome Keen sneakers and a t-shirt.

I am remembering… that I haven’t cleaned up the kitchen yet.

I am going… to go to bed soon. Very tired, so why not.

I am reading… Mabel magazine. Not reading a book right now.

I am hoping… that the US Women’s Soccer team continues to win.

On my mind… many things to do for work but I have a plan so it will get done.

Noticing that… if I sit in “my chair,” I just won’t move for the evening. 

Pondering these words… “Mormon Hell dream”

From the kitchen… noodles and rolls after a large lunch of blackened halibut on Mexican salad with avocado

Around the house… two people’s stuff needs to move out.

One of my favorite things… ginger beer.

From my picture journal… Steller’s Jay, Cooke City, MT


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