Into the Northwest Passage Begins – Days 0 & 1

I was supposed to be on an Arctic adventure last year and the trip was cancelled, twice, because the ship broke. They thought they found another ship for us but that fell through too, as it was heading north to participate in the “Finding Franklin” expedition – ship lost for 169 years and it was found right where the Inuit said it was but the Europeans (Brits) never listened to what the Inuit had to say. The Canadian government along with Parks Canada and others set forth on this expedition last year, went back to the Inuit testimony and located stumbled upon the Erebus. Here’s a link to an article about the find:

I moved to a longer trip this year, titled “Into the Northwest Passage” and here are the travelog and link to pictures from the beginning of the trip. The remaining days will follow.

Day 0 – The Adventure Begins – DCA to YYG (Toronto)

  • Up at 6:20 and jettisoned a couple more things from the suitcase, so it would close.
  • El picked me up up 7:15, got to airport and she circled until suitcase was weighed and was under the limit of 44 lbs. The suitcase weighed 37.0 lbs. Carry-on weighed 17 lbs of the 20 allowed.
  • One hour flight to Toronto (393 miles) to spend the day with Deb.
  • Slowly believing this adventure may happen this time.
  • Kiosk @ the DCA served Caffe Vita, it was very good. Terminal A is under renovation and looking cute jazzy.
  • In Toronto, found my way from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 and finally found my way to the hotel and Deb was waiting in the lobby.
  • Dropped bag at the desk and we took off for the day.
  • We went to Hey, Meatball for lunch – it was yummy. I had the Godfather sandwich. oh yum. Deb had the Mac & Cheese with meatballs.

Day 1 – Toronto to Iqaluit to Kangerlussuaq

  • Two flights to get to Kangerlussuaq; Toronto to Iqaluit, refuel and on to Kangerlussuaq.
  • We boarded at 7AM, push back at 7:59A.
  • A passenger tried to get off the plane to buy a newspaper and is not happy that they were not allowed. This could be interesting – we’re just an hour into the trip.
  • Should have taken the window seat in the exit row but left it for the taller people. I should be able to shoot through the window.
  • My seat mate is Elsie from Vancouver.
  • Complete cloud cover so not having a window seat is not a big deal right now.
  • Nap attack and then breakfast.Heard as I pushed my seat back slowly – “not too far back please” – ya, ok…
  • We landed in Iqaluit to refuel. This allowed the plane to take us to Kangerlussuaq and bring the passengers from Greenland and then refuel in Iqaluit again. The cost of fuel in Greenland is exorbitant so this saves a lot of money.
  • Talked with some folks about cameras during our tech stop.
  • Iqaluit is on Eastern Time. Flying time to Greenland is 1 hr 20 minutes. Greenland is two hours ahead.
  • Landed in Kangerlussuaq and the air was crisp, dry and cool. We presented our Passports to Danish Passport control at the foot of the stairs of the plane, then our Passports were taken by Adventure Canada (we’ll get them back when we leave the ship in Kugluktuk).
  • We got on the bus, stopped on the way out of the airport for a potty break – out houses with styrofoam toilet seats.
  • We went on a nature tour for about 1.5 hours, first stop out to see a yard full of Greenland sludge dogs, then we drove to the top of a high hill outside of town for a view of the Greenland Ice Cap.
  • 6:00PM – arrive at zodiac launch.
  • 6:20PM – boarded zodiac to ship.
  • 6:30PM – on board ship and checked-in, arrived in cabin, met Sheila, my cabin mate, and went on walk about to explore the ship.
  • Found the lounge and sat down with Sue and Patty. Everyone was called to the lounge for a welcome from the Cedar Swan and then Clayton Anderson, the Host.
  • Dinner with Bernadette and Jim and John Dudley, the rock guy.
  • I took some pics from up on deck, went to cabin for a jacket and gloves – much better.
  • Took a shower, water everywhere but the drain outside the shower is there for a reason.
  • Crawled in to bed just after 11 and did a little more writing and then lights out around 11:30PM

Pictures are on Google+ at this link:


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