Into the Northwest Passage – Day 3


  • 4AM – looked out the porthole and saw some “bergy bits” – that’s what they call the smaller bits of ice
  • 5:45AM – “SHIT! ICE” is what I yelled and Sheila jumped up already dressed. She’d gotten up at 3:15 (looked at the clock without her glasses) and got dressed and went on deck and realized… … so she flopped back on the bed
  • I dressed fast and got up on deck. Folks started to emerge.
  • 7AM breakfast – 2 groups going on the helicopter tours headed off the ship first. Town groups left next and then the zodiac cruise groups got to take our tours
  • 9:30 we headed out for our ice cruise. Back to ship around 10:45, dropped some stuff and then took a launch to town
  • Walked up into town, stopped in a couple of shops. Stopped at the Inuit Cafe for a latte, it was quite good
  • Walked on up to the trail head at the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Did what one really shouldn’t do in unfamiliar areas and hiked alone. I told Tagak where I was going and the route I was taking and that I would return and not do the loop and please don’t let the ship leave without me, so I was covered. Walked up the hill to the gold trail
  • Walked up and rose over the crest of the hill to the ice fjord and all of the ice produced by the Jakobshaven Glacier. I sat for a while and had a snack (or two)
  • Met up with Richard and Melvina, we walked back down and decided to get lunch at the Mamarut restaurant – Musk Ox Burger! Oh, my, yum!
  • Walked around town looking for a power adapter for my laptop because I only had the three-pronged plug and that doesn’t work for two pronged European plugs (ultimatley, didn’t need it since I used the iPad plug thing)
  • Bought some herb salt with angelina seeds and took the launch back to the ship
  • Took a quick shower and then we were underway
  • Went out on deck with the camera and took a bunch more pictures
  • Daily Briefing, quick dinner and then back on deck for more pictures
  • Amazing day of ice

Link to the pictures (there are a LOT of pictures today!)

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