About Me!

I started this blog at the end of November 2007 so the About Me page needs an update at least once a year, right? I think this updating shall become my Ash Wednesday discipline.

Some photos, some writing. That’s what I’ve got.

I like photography thus there are alot of photos on my blog.  I enjoy digital photography and have a small camera and my phone that I can take everywhere…  I love my handy baby Nikon – it goes anywhere. I also have a Nikon D90 (I don’t have kids!) and while I like it for some things that the point-and-shoot can not do – it’s a big camera. Now I also have a micro 4/3 which is lovely and small. It does all that the D90 does and weight maybe half as much. It is the favorite child right now.

I love to cook!  So, I watch cooking shows on TV and enjoy reading cookbooks (some of you out there know exactly what I mean).  There are some great shows on The Food Network, Fine Living Channel and now the Cooking Channel! My bro and fam gave me Jamie Oliver’s book re his travels in Europe (Greece, Italy, France, Spain, etc) and the foods! Yum!

I also enjoy crafting – specifically paper crafts.  I want to learn about digital scrapbooking – just need to make the time.

I enjoy some of the “unscripted dramas” (aka “Reality TV”) on TV – I enjoy watching Survivor, The Amazing Race (love the travel scenes and well, some of the best lines on TV – “My ox is broken!”

I’ve also enjoyed watching some of the best shows that no one else watched – Studio 60 (ya, that’s gone), The Class (oh ya, that’s gone too), How I Met Your Mother (now in its last season), The Big Bang Theory, Aliens in America (that one’s gone too).  I also enjoy the home improvement type shows and channels – HGTV, Discovery Home, Fine Living, TLC (Trading Spaces).  Other shows in the rotation – Scandal. Nashville.

I enjoy cycling (did two Washington DC AIDSRides in the past) and I bought myself a new bike for my birthday last year.  The bike lives behind the chair in the living room. Easier to get it out of the house when it doesn’t have to be dragged upstairs.

I am a Church Youth Group Leader – I work with 8th, 9th and 10th graders!  They’re the best!

According to Myers-Briggs I’m an INTF – which is probably pretty accurate (so I’m really comfortable hiding behind this computer screen and keyboard).

Finally, I found this blogging thing addictive – reading other’s folks blogs!  You can get lost for hours!  These interwebs is big and wild and crazy!  So many people around the world writing about their lives – fascinating.  Using Google Reader has reduced my time devoted to my addiction by about half since I only read the blogs that have updates (although I keep adding blogs to the reader so that list is ever-growing).

Thanks for stopping by, I hope I’ve not bored you too much. Thankfully, my life tends to be pretty pedestrian and that’s ok with me.


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