Oh, the places I’ve been…

I think I got everywhere…  but, maybe not.

visited 43 states (86%)
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visited 16 states (7.11%)
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I love Chick Lit…  and being a “sap” as I was called this evening, I enjoy a good sappy book about a good sappy subject.

I just finished reading “Annie Freeman’s Fabulous Traveling Funeral” by Kris Radish and it was wonderful!  I gave it to C to read and told her “You cannot read this on the bus!”  I was in tears laughing and then crying inside the first ten pages! 

I took the book to Starbucks one morning to sit outside and read for a bit before jumping in to the day’s work…  I had to stop reading because I was sitting there sobbing (quietly)…  Yup, I’m a sap.  Geez.

The book is a wonderful story about friendships among women and I’ll leave it at that…  read the book…  have a good cry…  be thankful for the women friends in your life…  I certainly am…

100-calorie pack

Sometimes when we (okay, me) are not feeling spiritually nourished there are those “100-calorie pack” conversations (a little nibble of something oh so delectable) that bring it all home…  conversations that remind me that through the struggle – through the desert – through the weeds – there is God!

That’s all and sometimes that’s enough…