Out of practice?

So, during Lent – I blogged every day (except one) and now I’ve really slacked off.  the past couple of nights I’ve crawled in to bed and remembered I forgot. 

 Right now I’m trying to get ready to go on vacation – and when I say vacation – I mean vacation.  I am not traveling with or to visit family, I am not taking a dozen or so other people’s children traipsing around the country to the world…  I am traveling with a dear friend to visit her niece who is studying on Budapest for the semester.  We are going to Prague for the weekend.

I love my family, I love traveling with my mom – but every so often I like to take a trip for me!  Selfish?  Yes, but that’s okay too.  iPod is fully of stuff to listen to on the plane – two books, a bunch of podcasts and tons of music.

So, I have to finish up buttoning things down at work and also need to pack!  I have my list done, but nothing is in the suitcase.  YAY – holiday for me!  Not sure how much blogging there will be on vacation – but hopefully some!  Them Internets is everywhere you know!


WordPress Blog Stats

WordPress has a feature called “Blog Stats” where you can see how people found your blog and what they click on your blog.

The search that brings the most people to my blog is “Who are the Kardashians?”  Hmm…  what does this say about my writing skills and more so about what people are looking for out on the internets!

More about blogging – I think Martha Stewart mentioned a staff member’s name yesterday and said this person was her blogger.  Now, is that kosher?  Can/Should someone blog for you if you have opposable thumbs?  I read a couple of blogs who’s authors are pets – and since they don’t have thumbs, they can’t type.  So, does that mean that famous peoples blogs aren’t for real? 

Isn’t everything you read on the internets real?  Oh well, back to my fantasy world about what is true.

Wine & Cheese

My neighborhood is very cool – and today it got even cooler. 

 A Wine & Cheese Bar opened at Cheesetique.  As if having a cheese shop in the neighborhood is not cool enough – now they serve wine and beer and cheese plates, meat plates and combo plates.  They also serve entrees and desserts.  This is gonna be GREAT!

Had a nice Malbec with three very nice cheeses – Pennsylvania Cheddar, Honey Goat and Manchego.  Very yummy.  I like a nice dry two of the three fell into that category.  The Honey Goat was very nice with the walnut raisin bread!  The quince relish or pate or whatever was different.  Everything great.  The owner Jill came by to welcome us.  It was great, I’ll be going back – a lot.

“Summer Pudding”

It’s an interesting dessert – ok, rather odd – but very yummy.  It’s made by lining a bowl with white bread (sans crust), then a mix of fresh berries, another layer of bread and more berries, then top it off with bread.  Put a plate on top and weigh it down with a couple of cans or something… 

The bread gets all gooey and dyed from the juice from the berries – it’s really kinda funky but it’s sort of cakey, bready and berry goodness.  I’m not a fan of soggy bread, cake or the like – but this was yummy!  Then it was topped off with a berry coulis.  Some fresh whipped cream would have put it over the top.

Alleluia! The Lord is Risen!

The Lord is risen indeed!  Alleluia!

The Easter Vigil was a wonderful as is usually is.  The music was great (my favorite hymns), a really good fire – all high and crackly, and the Agape Feast (party) after was nice as always.

Since’ we’ve already changed the clocks, the service started at 8PM, which meant it ended at about 10:15PM and while I talking to someone at the Agape, she looked at the clock and said, “Oh, it’s only 10:15, right?”  I said, “Um, no, it’s 11:15.”  She was shocked and quickly found her husband and left.  I was not far behind.

I decided I would not go to church this morning, I’d attended the first service of Easter so I got to sing my favorite hymns – so all was right with the world.

Went searching for a wee gifty for my god-daughter, she’s 14 months old.  There really aren’t many choices for 14 month olds – no jelly beans, Robin Eggs (I got those for me!), chocolate bunnies – so I found a “Peeps” bean bag – it’s darned cute and squishy and purple with white polka-dots…  Cute! and she liked it!

Dinner with with friends – it was very nice.  Met new people, got to see folks I only see once a year or so and (as always) enjoyed the company of good friends, good food, and good fun.

Alleluia!  The Lord is risen!

The Lord is risen INDEED!  Alleluia!