Mid-year review

– trying a trick from my friend at “5 Things” to see if I can jump start this habit
– mid-year review for work, went well. I like my job and my team and they like me. I’ll take that.
– sushi for din with friends I don’t get to see that often. It was fun. A good bit of laughter.
– there’s a page on fb called 30 Days of Squats (or something like that) start on May 1 with 50 squats, doing 250 by the end of May. Found it tonight so did 25, maybe tomorrow we’ll get up to the 55 recommended for the day
– cooked some chicken to “put up” in the freezer so some dins will be easy.
– I really want to photograph more aurora! I keep staring at amazing photos I find on G+ and other site. They are amazing. It is amazing. Looking at trips for next Winter.


Tuesday – waiting for the weekend

– The last “break” I had was on April 14, been working or traveling everyday since. Not sure how people who do this all of the time can survive.
– I’m thankful that my boss has a sense of humour.
– 90 minute massage today. Ahhhhhhhh.
– Paid $3.39/gal for gas today. Cheaper to start and $.20 off thanks to Giant.
– I have discovered rice flavourings from the Asian store. Bought them in CA. Now need to find an Asian store here to buy more.