Dream Lab

I am, once again, taking the online “class/workshop” called Dream Lab – from the marvelously creative women who developed Mondo Beyondo. I signed up for Dream Lab in the Fall of 2010 but life did not cooperate so now that things have settled down a little bit (HA!) and I am beginning a new chapter, decade, phase, whatever in my life – I’m going to take a little time and look within. I’m also considering exploring TM but I don’t want to get too crazy all at once! Life is moving so fast, I need to slow something down – and I think I’ll start with my brain and MY pace!

If you’d like to learn more about Dream Lab, click the widget on the right side – it’ll take you to a website that will fill you in.

Edited: There’s a discount for the next run of classes. $49 Sale ends this Sunday!

Discount code is: “mamasrock49”

  • (Just added!) Superhero Photo: The Basics (starts July 9)
  • Superhero Photo: Elevate the Ordinary (starts June 4) 
  • Dream Lab: Exploring themes of Rest, Play and Kindness (starts June 18) 
  • Mondo Beyondo: Fall 2012 (starts September 10) 

Culinary Rut

I’m in a bit of a rut so I’m trying Diets to Go. I can pick up my meals at a place nearby. I have ordered lunch and dinner only, for five days a week. This allows for dinners out with friends. My biggest challenge has been lunches but I’ve also been at a loss for what to have for dinners. The cost is not much more than groceries and a dinner out per week.

This was the first meal: Turkey Picaldillo, rice with black beans and asparagus. It was quite good! The close up photo doesn’t look terrific, but the flavor was wonderful. This is part of the low fat 1600 calories/day menu.