Some of My (New) Favorite Photos

Lattice facade at the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC
Lattice facade at the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC
Forget-Me-Nots in Newfoundland
Arctic cottonwood in Newfoundland and Labrador


Arctic poppies in Kangaamiut, Greenland
Icebergs grounded at low tide in Evidgheds Fiord near Kangaamiut, Greenland
Glacier (really old, compressed ice) in Evidgheds Fiord near Kangaamiut, Greenland




Today’s things

A few things from today:

  1. A 3.8 mile walk this morning, and then I’ve not left the house except to put the trash out.
  2. A migraine with aura put my day in a weird spot. The morning started with visual disturbance, and then the pain started. Some ibuprofen and taking a nap with ice packs on the back of my neck and on my eyes helped. Now I am feeling the headache hangover. I hope a good night’s sleep will send that away.
  3. Tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be really hot and then the temperature dive into Autumn.
  4. I may have found a kitty litter that actually doesn’t cause clouds of dust. This is actually very good news in the kitty care and home cleaning arena.
  5. Threshold sheets from Target feel quite luxurious. 100% cotton, and they are so soft.

Well, that’s all that’s new today.


Chihuly external installation at the St. Louis Botanical Gardens, taken in May 2010


FOR TODAY… Daybook 09-12-2016

Outside my window… it’s dark, and the sun is sitting earlier each day

I am thinking… there has got to be a better way to get things done at work

I am thankful for… so very much, so many people

I am wearing… my work at home uniform – capris and a tee shirt, no socks yet

I am remembering… September 11, 2001, these last two days have been days of remembering for so many people

I am going… to bed soon, 11 hour work day makes me tired

I am reading… “Lean Forward Into Your Life” by Mary Anne Radmacher

I am hoping… that the weather continues to cool into a lovely season of sweaters, jeans, wool socks, and snuggly blankets

On my mind… I need to get my resume put together, and keep my ear to the ground

Noticing that… autumn is coming, the day was beautifully cool, with low humidity, it was lovely

Pondering these words… “We’re all just walking each other home.” – Ram Dass

From the kitchen… ramen for supper with a side order of hummus

Around the house… I’ve been getting lots of hot water laundry done since we’ve had sunny days – free hot water because of the solar panels

One of my favorite things… my Tilly hat

From my picture journal… a grounded iceberg in Evidgheds Fiord, Greenland


Roles in Living, Loving and Dying

When a loved one is dying, there are many roles to be filled.

The first is of the person who is dying. Their role is set. It is mostly certain. It is not an easy role, and it is a role each one of us will play one day. Each one of us.

There is the caregiver role. Hopefully there are qualified, compassionate, and loving caregivers for whom this role is a true calling, because it is a special and vital role. They ease the pain, they monitor life, and they work to make the transition as best as it can be.

The role of the loved ones. Oh, the loved ones. Their role at this time is to love. To be present. To laugh, and to cry. To hold on to memories, and never forget. To tell every story, relive the moments, and to listen and truly hear. Loving their someone in it and through it. Loving each other in it and through it.

Finally, there are those who wait. This is such an important role. It is not an easy role. There are those who wait from afar because they cannot be physically present. There are those who wait with and for their friends who are the loved ones. There may be degrees of separation between those who wait and the one who is dying, and those degrees of separation do not matter, it is the waiting that matters. Those who wait hold up the others who are nearer; we hold them up so they can live into their roles fully and completely.

There is great presence in the role of waiting. There is time of intentional sitting, watching, and waiting. There is praying, thinking, sending love into the air and knowing it lands where it is needed most, there is loving from a distance. These are so very important in this time.

If we are fortunate, we will play these roles countless times in our lives, for those we love. They are not easy roles. There are no award shows for these roles. These roles are the gift of loving and being loved.

After all, “We’re all just walking each other home.” – Ram Dass