Woo!  I’m going to the new Nationals Park tonight!  I’m very excited!  S and J had extra tickets and my calendar was open.

Everything I’ve heard about the stadium is great!  I’m gonna have me a hot dog or maybe some chili (there’s two places in the park) or maybe something else.  They let you bring food and water in to the park so I’ll take a bottle of water but I’ll buy my food there…  $5 or so for a bottle of water is a bit much!

Anyhow – woo!  Baseball!  Hopefully I’ll get some photos to post later.

Edit: Quick report – Nationals Park IS besutiful!  Great food! The evening was nice and cool!  Teddy didn’t win (again).  Photos later.


“Uh… um… I have no idea.”

That was my (oh so) eloquent response to the nice lady when she asked me “What color are your roof shingles?”  I’m having a roof/attic fan installed so she wanted to know what color fan they should order.  What a novel concept – matching the fan to the color of the roof! 

Apparently that question is not always asked (or considered) because when I went out to look at my roof I noticed grey fans on brown roofs, white fans on black roofs and silver fans all over the place. 

I was able to tell her on the initial call that I would not like the hot pink model – even though I do not have a townhouse association to deal with, I thought that color was best left out of the running.

I still find it kinda interesting that none of the previous owners of my house put in a fan.  Not all that interesting I suppose since it’s taken me nine years to do so myself.  One house out the back has three fans on the roof – ok, how much hot air have they got in there?!?!?

Anyhow, my question to you is – do you know what color your roof shingles are (without looking)?  Mine is dark grey/black.

Home Sweet Home

I’ve been home for a week and I’ve not been alone any time I’ve been in the house.  Basil and Gracie have never been far away.  I took this photo Monday while I was working from home. 

Right now, Basil is sleeping on the hassock leaning against my leg and Gracie is sleeping on my empty suitcase behind the sofa.


That’s a great “Welcome home!” from the kittehs – they’re staying close…