Why I blog…

I don’t know.  Maybe through writing I will discover the meaning of life?  Or figure out the meaning of my life?  Does it really have to be all that deep or can it just be random ramblings…  Well, I suppose since it’s mine, it’ll be whatever I decide from day to day.

Today, its about the Writer’s Guild Strike…  STOP IT!!  Everyone get together and be honest and give the Writer’s their due – but don’t bankrupt the studios in the process!  Isn’t there a way to determine the percentage of what the writers should earn off of digital, DVD and other media distribution…  There has to be a way to come to a equitable resolution – quickly.

This comes up because I am watching a very old episode of The Office, and there’s a rerun of Grey’s Anatomy on the other channel!  Enough!  Talk, negotiate and work this out!



That’s what’s on TV right now…  Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares is on…  Random title, random thoughts.

This week has been tough for the DC area.  A young star of  the Washington Redskins was murdered in his own house in Florida!  In his own house.  Sean Taylor had a bit of a stormy youth but by all accounts he had turned things around since the birth of his daughter 18 months ago.  Don’t we get second chances?  Can’t we grow up and overcome decisions we made in the past?  How the life of someone so young with so much promise can just end, so violently – it’s just not fair.  

Also, we’ve lost over 10 more young lives in the last couple of weeks in car accidents!  A high school sophomore died this morning in an accident – and two friends are in the hopsital in serious condition.  WHY do kids think it won’t happen to me – and just forget everything they know is right – and show off or goof off for/and with their friends.  It’s not worth it!

Life is so precious and it can be snuffed out in an instant – why can’t kids realize this (oops there’s a “dangling” something – yes, english is my first language)…  I work with youth at church and worry about what they do when out in the world.  We talk alot about choices and decisions and I know they will test their wings – I just hope they don’t crash and burn in the process.

That’s my rambling for today…  I pray for the family and friends of Sean Taylor, may he rest in Peace…  I also pray for the families and friends of the teenagers who have died recently… 

Turkey Trot

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving!!

This morning there was a five mile run through my neighborhood this morning.  I was first introduced to the Turkey Trot when I moved to my home the week before Thanksgiving…  On Thanksgiving morning there was much cheering and yelling outside – I looked out and saw the run going by the house…  Apparently this is an annual event…

This morning I decided to get my coffee small three legged camp stool and go out and cheer people on…  I trained for and rode in two AIDSRides and know how much it means to train for an event and have someone on the side of the street cheering you on!  Now, my view point was only about a mile in to the run, so folks were pretty fresh, but some were already showing signs of fatigue…  I received many, many “Thanks” and “Happy Thanksgivings” and I even got a high five from a guy who ran over to me… 

I found it heart warming when people take time out of their busy lives to stop and offer encouragement us bike riders…  so I wanted to return the favor.  I think it was appreciated. 

My hope is that everyone had a good run or walk and that they really enjoyed their turkey and pumpkin pie – becuase they deserved it!

Gobble gobble y’all! 


Very sweet Disney movie…  Opened tonight and went with a friend and her parents.  I found it hard to believe that her parents qualify for the “senior discount” but they did…  So, sitting in the movie, there are some oh so typical fairy tale moments.  One such moment was when the “handsome prince” needed to kiss the fair damsel before the stike of midnight – and I heard my friend’s father (a retired Army Colonel) say in a hushed movie voice “hurry up.” 

Now the movie was pretty sappy and I (who usually blubber at any romantic movie) didn’t even form a tear – but hearing my friend’s father utter those simple hopeful words – that was ennough to make me cry.  A man who’s career was dedicated to military service, to whom I am very grateful – believed or hoped that a happy ending might be possible…

I really am a sap and what really does touch my heart is love and hope and kindness expressed in simple words and gestures…  Hallmark card ads, the Flogers coffee ad when Peter comes home to surprise his family, and even the On Star radio ads!  Such a sap!

Not sure what the message is here except that I am thankful for friends, family and the many blessings in my life.  I am thankful to be a sap for tv ads and hearing hope in the whispers of the movie theater…

I wish everyone Happy Thanksgiving and a little hope too…

Old thoughts…

Going thru an old journal I came across these words…  Not sure what was going on then (06-24-1996) but these are the words that came out…  From what I wrote, it seems we were in a blackout as I wrote that I was writing this by the light of an oil lamp (yes, I own and use an oil lamp) and apparently it was not very warm that night (thankfully)…

“it is dark and still…  even the traffic is quieter – what a luxury electricity – can’t eat (well, can’t cook) – found people out tonight searching for some light – some power…  I guess that’s what we are all searching for – power and light.

the light leads you to God and His power.  God’s power is love!  He can’t stop wars.  He can’t heal everyone.  He can’t make all that is wrong – right.

He can help us help each other.  He can teach us love.  Through love anything is possible.

He loved us so – He gave his son.  His son loved us – so he gave his life.  What have you given out of love?

comfort, love, friendship, strength – a quiet smile, just being there!

what have I received?  that a thousand times over.  love from a great group of people.  confidence to try something new.  knowledge that it’ll be okay.”

Hmm… who knew…

Well, I certainly agree with genius…  and charming…  😉 

Flattered by a website – YAY! <blush>

You Are a Yellow Crayon

Your world is colored with happy, warm, fun colors.You have a thoughtful and wise way about you. Some people might even consider you a genius.Charming and eloquent, you are able to get people to do things your way.While you seem spontaneous and free wheeling, you are calculating to the extreme.Your color wheel opposite is purple. You both are charismatic leaders, but purple people act like you have no depth.

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