Surgery is done

Dr K took the “nasty looking tumor” and 2.5 cm of “negative space” around it.  He said you need to take .5 cm, he took more to be sure.  Sent that and bit of lymph node  (which looked fine) to pathology – results in a week.   He called it “garden variety lung cancer.”

I asked “looking in to your crystal ball today” what’s next?  Radiation?  He said, “Probably not, depends on pathology.”  So, now we redo CT scan for nodule on the left side in 4 months (it hasn’t changed since last CT – he’s said he’s not sure what it is so we watch). 

Huge prayers of THANKS to the nurse at Mum’s Primary Care Doc in MA who said “You’ve not had an x-ray in a while, let’s get you one before you leave here.”  Caught this thing early!  Makes all the difference. 

Prayers for a speedy, gentle recovery…  She’s quite probably coming home tomorrow. 

Prayers of THANKS from me to all of you for your prayers and support!


ttv photography

I’ve been playing around and learned a bunch about my digi camera.  Here’s a sample from this afternoon:

I used posters rolled up (about three feet long) to make a shield to block out some glare…  I need to make a better fitting, properly darkened sleeve.  That’s next.  I have some of the supplies already.

Here’s the photo, edited to remove the poster sleeve…  needs more work, but I’m thinking this could be quite cool.

I am searching online for a new old camera with a viewfinder that doesn’t have the grid lines. 

Interesting thing about these old cameras – the image in the viewfinder is a mirror image.  So to move the camera to capture more image on my left, I have to move the camera to the right… 

I’ve seen some interesting images online using ttv, hopefully I can get better.

Thursday Thoughts

I hope there is forgiveness for stupid things we do in life.  I guess if I have hope, then I also know there is forgiveness…  so this post is unnecessary…  but still, I do pray that we are forgiven… 

STOOPID!  Yup, sometimes we all does it!


That’s what it’s all about.  Living in, growing in, welcoming into, being a part of – a Christian community. 

I am grateful, more than words can say, about the community of which I am a part.  Sometimes I’m an active participant, sometimes a passive participant but it doesn’t matter.  Living in community is much like geese flying in the chevron formation – turns are taken to take the lead and while some may seldom take the lead they still contribute to the community.  Everyone plays an important part.

Over the past couple of weeks, different parts of my community have been welcoming my mother into the community since she had moved here.  “Thanks” seems so inadequate but it is a thanks I give to God every day for my community and the wonderful people in it…

Baby steps

I think that is how we will measure progress right now.  M has decided to apply for the unit available at GSP, so now we pray that health and financial screening are passed quickly and easily (they are scheduled for next week).

She still needs to stop smoking.  Dr K said he wants her smoke free for tow weeks prior to surgery – it’s two weeks from tomorrow.  That said, she has made amazing progress in cutting down.  She’s down to three a day – one after every meal!  Tough habit to break.  So, prayers that she stops – cold turkey is the only way.  Otherwise, surgery could be put off until she does.

Finally, I’ve been poking around looking at new creative outlets – digital scrapbooking may be one option – but another (for which it seems I have all of the tools) is ttv (“Through the Viewfinder”) photography.  I took my old Yashica and then found that I also have a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye.  Here’s a photo, you sort of get the idea.  Now I need to remove the lenses and do some serious cleaning (the spots you see are about 50+ years of dust and grime).  It’s a look, an effect, kinda artsy…  I need to practice and stuff but this could be fun.

Sunday stuff

Things keep moving along.  I’m tired.  I’m kind tired of being tired.  I think I have some control over that so I need to exercise that control.  Exercise, maybe that’s part of the answer too.  Darned doctors!  Right again.

I am hoping that things will move forward soon because I feel they are a little stagnant right now.  The status quo is no longer appealing.

I’m investigating a new “art form” or creative outlet – that’s all I can call it.  Maybe we will see evidence of my investigations some time soon.  I hope so – but I need to do some more learnin’.

Finally, words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards “my peeps.”  Lots of them read this blog so I know they’ll see this and know I’m writing about them…  Having my mother welcomed (as hard as that is for her right now) by the people who love me (and her) is truly God’s kingdom on earth.  Having people let you cry when you need to and they just understand or give a hug is more valuable than my 401k!  Seriously.  Even before it went in the crapper…  anyhow, thanks my peeps.  I know I don’t say it enough but I love you all and sure couldn’t do what I’m doing without you.