Run Teddy!!

At the Nationals game on Sunday, the Baltimore Oriole ran out ahead of the Presidents during their race – well, Teddy was having none of that (since apparently the Oriole had tripped Teddy the previous day).  So Teddy took off after that darned bird.

Teddy, get that bird!!


After pummeling the bird Teddy got back in the race, but the others had already passed.


Alas, Teddy didn’t win (quel surprise, no!).


But he came in second and took one for the team!


Yay! Teddy!!


Proud Auntie

This is a news story about a water main break in Boston and the company they called in to clean up – my nephew’s company! See for yourself!


No more food.  Ever.

Tonight, three of my gal pals (C, E and E) joined me for a gourmet dinner I’d purchased at the church Silent Auction last Fall.  Our chef, C, and his ever-lovely wife, R, were our host and hostess.  A couple of months ago C and I decided on a menu – he suggested Spanish and I said “Sure!”  He told us he’s been planning ans searching for ingredients for two months (and I am certainly happy that he did!).

The photos of our fabulous meal will be posted in the next day or so.  This photo is the menu for the evening (we were also celebrating the beginning of my birthday week), a Spanish mimosa made with Cava and topped with “air” of fresh oranges.  In the bowl are the Marcona almods with rosemary.

The meal was amazing, the company was wonderful and the chef and his wife truly out did themselves.

IMG_6429 edited'


The look has changed a few times in the last couple of days.  Sorry.

I had family in town for the past weekend and it was fun but my hose is really not big enough for five people.  Luckily, I have three toilets in the house.  One full bath and two half baths – very helpful!

Mum’s sister (and husband, daughter and SIL) came for a visit.  They’ve not seen each other for seven months.  For 77+ years, they saw each other at least once a week.  It was good to see them – but God love her, my Aunt is crazy!

There was some shopping and a good bit of eating.  They brought us out favorite treats from the north land.  Two gallons of Italian Wedding Style Soup – yes, it’s that good that it must be driven 450 miles.  Ginger Scones!  Blueberry muffin tops.  Apricot Rugalach.

Mum’s dollhouse and room box collection is going to be featured on the TV station at the community where she lives.  The folks in charge of the station heard from two or three poeple about M’s collection.  So the lady in charge came to visit yesterday.  She had her digi camera but left to get the guy with the video camera.  M said she left absolutely speechless.  The guy came back and they put a mike on M and she talked and gave a tour of the rooms and they taped.  I think that’s all pretty darned cool!  and she was planning on selling them before she moved!?!?  Um, No!  The collection really is amazing.